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WCG in 1953


WCG in 2020


The Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana (WCG) provides its members with facilities that cater to all age groups.  Historically, it has always offered a safe environment for children, senior citizens, families and friends, member’s guests and acquaintances and colleagues.

WCG would like to draw in more young members and to do this the WCG has initiated activities that will meet this objective.

The WCG was founded in 1928, primarily to promote fellowship among its members through social activities. In 2020, WCG completes its 92nd year and stands tall as in institution more than a gymkhana. It is not surprising that it has a history and culture that is deeply rooted in the socio-cultural dynamics of its immediate surroundings. However, in recent years, it has emerged as a more inclusive, cosmopolitan gymkhana that embraces its members and guests who share similar values no matter their origins.

The WCG’s bouquet of facilities cover Health & Fitness (indoor & outdoor fitness), Sports facilities (indoor & outdoor sports), dance classes, swimming pool, yoga & meditation, library and music,  entertainment (weekly Fellowship Nite, QuaranShine during the pandemic),  biweekly Housie and lastly fine dining in the indoor restaurants and the terrace.

Traditionally considered a second home to children (primary to college age groups) living in the neighbourhood, it has now evolved beyond just that.  Today it provides banquet facilities, open air event venues and boasts a bar and café that is very trendy and inviting not just to young members but also senior members and a more refined, sophisticated corporate member/guest.

WCG - A New Look