Card Room


The card room is one of the most patronized sections of our activities. Clearly there is a display of a high level of rummy skills played with seriousness. The card room caters to a number of members and their guests.

All services are provided at the Card Room by our efficient staff and rummy is played at its best.


Come Sunday evening our members and their guest including many senior citizens, are present for the whist at the WCG. The whist has been held for many decades. It is a game of skill and keeps the mind alert. We also serve a snack to all once a month. We have a party once a year for all the whist patrons with games, dance and dinner. We thank the WCG management for their help & cooperation.

Our team comprises of ….. And this team has been conducting the whist for many years. We conduct the whist every Sunday at 7 p.m. and look forward to more members and their guests including senior citizens joining us when we restart. We miss it due to covid-19 and we are looking forward to the re-start. God bless.

Rummy Knockout

Rummy knockout is held every Sunday morning at 11 am. In the card room.  Around 24 to 36 members and their guests attend this session, which takes around two and a half hours to complete. Prizes are distributed at the end of this competition.

The Whist Drive is followed by a Knockout Whist held on Sunday evenings from 7:00 pm onwards.