HR & Communications: Lorraine Martin


HR - The WCG boasts of a very loyal, enthusiastic and committed workforce and this has been proved repeatedly during the pandemic when our staff came through for the WCG to ensure that essential functions remained operational every day. This effort was always accompanied with a pleasing disposition and fervent commitment.

This is Lorraine’s first time on the WCG Managing Committee; she was assigned this portfolio in September 2019. Despite it being a very challenging term due to the lockdown, operations of the WCG have not been compromised in any way.

Ernest Louis, a highly qualified, experienced HR professional and a long time WCG member, has kindly accepted our invitation to the HR Subcommittee. Ernest has over three decades of experience in Human Resources as a member of management boards of several multinational companies like Asian Paints & Monsanto, including a stint in South -East Asia as Regional Director of HR with Monsanto. His experience includes a role as Chief People Officer at TrueNorth, a private equity firm, where he built leadership and HR practices for over twelve group companies of the fund. Currently Ernest is Founder-Director of Prospernest Consulting, a boutique HR solutions firm.

A Special Category of Appreciation Awards was initiated this year for employees who reported on duty during the COVID19 lockdown. These employees came in to work every day to ensure that the security, maintenance and housekeeping of the WCG was not compromised. These 7 employees did this despite the risk to self and their families. We thank and applaud their courage and commitment to the WCG.

Lastly and a significant achievement is that health insurance for the unionised staff has been implemented this year (2020).

Communications - most, if not all the communication that you read/receive from the WCG, is generated by the Secretary – HR & Communications. The Annual Report, mailers, all event posters, promotional material for our events such as festivals, QuaranShine, festivals (Christmas/Diwali/Easter), website content etc. are developed and generated by this portfolio.

Today, members are more aware of the happenings at WCG as they are encouraged to opt to receive our communication via a quicker, more seamless mode of communication - WhatsApp and Email rather than physical post.

In December 2019, over 130 Christmas brochures physically posted to members, were returned by the Indian Post & Telegraph dept and the reason was 'addressee unknown'; this is not only a waste in terms of money spent on printing of the brochures and postage but also time and effort spent by staff during an exceptionally busy season in the year.

Members are requested to keep the WCG office informed promptly of their change in address and phone numbers and to move to using emails and mobile phones to receive their mailers at the earliest.