Housie & Whist : Percival Aguiar


WCG No.1, or the Bamboo door at 54, or maybe just that unlucky 13! Either one could win you the jackpot, if you were at WCG on Saturday evenings or maybe even Thursdays…why not?

The Housie at WCG has become the go-to place on Saturday evenings, or even Thursdays for that matter. Housie enthusiasts from all corners of Mumbai make a beeline to WCG. Young, and not so young, members and guests - it's a game they all enjoy, especially at WCG. Fair play, a friendly team, a great atmosphere and the best prizes; are just some, among the many other attributes to the Housie games at WCG. We are sure you don't want to miss out, so come, do join us when we start again.

We would like to thank the Housie Subcommittee for their dedication and time committed on at least two days every week, through the year.