Outdoor Sports: Joaquim Carvalho

Ambition is the pathway to success and Persistence is the vehicle to arise. If one has the qualities of courage, determination and perseverance there is no goal which is unattainable. All these were visible in plenty in the WCG Sports Tourneys 2019/20 in various disciplines held at the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana.

The WCG tournaments have been getting successfully bigger with humongous crowd support and that has set a hallmark for sportspersons and institutions to participate with fantastic prize money, prizes and credit for this also goes to the top class infrastructure and sporting atmosphere that works well for participants.

Rink Football and Rink Hockey with many innovative ideas and rule changes to bolster the game and make it more spectator and player friendly have been initiated and implemented in these last editions. To entertain the crowds and keep their enthusiasm high a Jaldi Five Housie was held during the half time duration of the hockey finals held in a packed atmosphere which was a runaway success and kept the spectators glued to their seats.

The football tournament has been growing from strength to strength with the participating teams increasing in the Men, Women, Veterans Men and Schoolboys category and the Hockey Tournament drawing outstation teams like the star studded Indian Oil Corp., and South Central Railway from the North and South Central Railway from the South respectively, in addition to the city top team making this rink hockey tournament larger and much more than just a local affair.

The games are getting bigger, better and drawing large crowds which we are sure will produce and keep producing champions who have emerged from these platforms offered by the WCG. The women have always been encouraged by the WCG with the Tourneys in Hockey and Football being closely fought affairs with more players and more teams participating, and several inquiries for more participation from outstation women teams.

Another milestone and as mentioned earlier, the WCG can build and sustain our sports legacy by nurturing sports talent in the young and old by providing them a platform to participate; in an innovative tournament the WCG hosted and organized the first ONE DAY Parent Child Tennis tournament which was another runaway success. The parent child combination tennis event highlighted the child for once encouraging the parent to pull on and put forth his best in their quest to win the match and further progress in the tournament. There were parent child combinations from outside Mumbai going by the popularity of the WCG. This tourney was fully coordinated by our very own Olympian Merwyn Fernandis.

To promote and develop sporting interest among the young in an under 12 football tournament drawing more than 30 teams held on our tennis courts, the finalists were given a football each besides the trophies for the winners and runner up. This tourney witnessed a packed stand, filled with parents, fans, players and spectators.

For scouting talent and then moulding them into top class sports persons, we have the WCG Coaching Academies in Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, which have been growing and producing players who can compete at the top level in sports. At the WCG we wish to consolidate and leverage the existing sporting success and bring in more laurels and opportunities to budding sports persons.

Our Honorary Members are Leander Adrian Paes, MM Somaya and Dhanraj Pillay.