The WCG SWIMMING pool is one of the best in the city and a very popular facility. The swimming pool offers a tranquil and refreshing experience. Take a dip in our sparkling blue water which instantly relaxes you by washing away the day’s stress. The pools for adults and kids are adjacent making the area lively and interactive. The swimming pool has been equipped with changing rooms, anti-skid flooring, outdoor showers and an excellent exterior décor and lastly in early 2020 we installed a new filtration plant and lighting system.

Swimming is an exercise that works all muscles simultaneously, it is impact free and builds up stamina. The goal of competitive swimming is to improve speed, hone competitive skills and stay in good physical condition.

Health conscious and diet and weight conscious people are a significant part of the swimmers. We have trained coaches and lifeguards at the swimming pool throughout the day and for swimmers who would like to improve their swimming skills and compete at the highest level we have a swimming coaching academy under renowned trained coaches.

Coaching is available from 12noon to 5:15pm.