Membership to the Gymkhana is strictly by invitation, and two existing members of at least three years standing are required to propose and second a new member for admission.
Entry to the gymkhana is only against a valid identity card.
Right of admission reserved.
Outside food and drinks are not permitted to be brought into the Gymkhana for consumption within the Gymkhana.
Members are requested to ensure that their children, as well as the children of their guests are seated and do not run around to ensure other diners do not face any inconvenience.
Members are requested to lower the volume of the ringtone on their cellphones and talk in low tones if calls need to be taken within the restaurant.
Complaints need to be made in writing by members for them to be addressed.


AM and OM Members are requested to make the payment of annual fees on time to avoid membership lapses.
Children of Members who attain the age of 18 should contact the Gymkhana Office to know more about the membership opportunities available to them.

Guest Entry

A Member may bring his / her Guest for whom an applicable entry fee must be paid.
While the members' guest is on the Gymkhana premises, the member who signs for him / her to enter must also be on the Gymkhana premises during the entire duration that the guest is on the premises
Guest fees need to be paid for all guests being brought into the Gymkhana.
A member/member's spouse is entitled to sign in 6 guests per day into the Gymkhana.
For additional number of guests prior permission needs to be obtained from the office.

Dress Code

No male members/guest is permitted in the WCG main building (except the lobby area) in short pants or sleeveless shirts or slippers.
Only school going children will be exempted from the dress code.
Members/Guests will not be permitted into the main building wearing rubber slippers.


Other than the designated area, smoking is not permitted in the gymkhana.


Invitation cards for all functions being held in the WCG will be available against member ID cards only.
Closing time
12:00 AM (midnight).